Monthly Archives: July 2007

Next Up – Avocados

It’s the end of July and we are pruning blueberries, necessary to ensure a great crop in 2008; so we will no longer be able to ship berries.  But the end of the berry season marks the beginning of avocados.  Due to fruit drop from the January freeze, we have sold out of Zutanos but plan to begin to pick Hass in September.  Relatively fortunate compared to most California growers, we only lost about half our Haas fruit to the freeze.  Many growers not only lost the 2007 crop but the flower buds so that no fruit was set for next year.  As a consequence, both 2007 and 2008 will experience a lack of local avocados.

We are fortunate that a majority of our trees were planted upslope from the coldest temperatures and the fruit survived.  Still the stems froze in colder areas and the fruit dropped about two weeks after the freeze.  Nonetheless, we will have plenty of avocados on offer in September.  Get your orders in now.  The size and quality of the fruit will be very high, and it will be ready to eat a few days after arrival.