Welcome to Dragon Spring Farms first blog.

Welcome to Dragon Spring Farms first blog. We saw our first ripe blueberries of the season today. This is encouraging because we had a hard winter and would normally be offering blueberries for sell by this time. As expected, the first ripe berries were on Mistys that we mostly grow as pollinators. If things follow the usual pattern in this unusual year, we will begin picking our main crop berries from Sharpblues and Jewels by the middle of next month and will be able to fill orders.

We were not exempted from damage due to January’s hard freeze, along with most of our neighbors on California’s central coast. Temperatures were below freezing every night for over a week with lowest temperatures in the middle teens near the creek where we grow the berries.

We lost our entire early crop of berries and about half our avocado crop. Fortunately, the avos higher on the hill did not drop their fruit. Nonetheless, this is the first year we have seen the berries leafless; they are typically evergreen in this area. So things started over again in early February.

Since this has been an abnormal winter, we are in uncharted territory. Our hope is that the energy not used for early fruit will extend the season for the berries well into July or perhaps August. We will begin to offer avocados around the first of September, but it may be a light year because of the fruit drop. However, many local growers and those as far south as San Diego lost their entire crop, so we were lucky.

This is Dragon Spring Farm’s first blog. We will provide regular updates.


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